080BCN - Cajal feat Lemachet

cajal vanguard jewelry for 080 Barcelona fashion

When Lemachet first approached us, they introduced an intriguing concept to the table: 'I am, but.' This concept served as the starting point for a quest, a reconstruction, and a rebirth of men's fashion. We were eager to embrace this innovative proposal with creativity and a touch of fun.

As the saying goes, 'go big or go home'; we experimented with a variety of colors and textures, blending glass with silver to transform our iconic pieces into striking brooches and bold ear cuffs. Our vision for jewelry was to make it comfortable to wear, appealing on the runway, and characterized by clean lines and shimmering finishes that seamlessly complemented different fabrics.

The energy emanating from the fully dressed models as they confidently strutted down the 080 Barcelona runway was truly astonishing. They exuded strength, courage, and confidence.

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Backstage photos courtesy of Delfina Seefeld

Video courtesy of Dante Miani, Alejo Argerich

Runway photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona