Craftmanship and Sustainability

Our creations are handcrafted one by one in our studio in Barcelona. That is why every piece is slightly different than the other, which makes them unique and unrepeatable.

We work on demand, which means that our goal is to creat a work of art specially for you, while avoiding unnecessary stock and waste of energy and resources. 

Our Materials:

Glass pieces are made by using flameworking and glass blowing techniques. We exclusively work with borosilicate glass which stands out for its hardness and resistance.

Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Sterling Silver pieces are made using lost wax and goldsmithing techniques. Recycled silver and wax are used in the process.

Product Care

For a correct handling and color preservation please: Avoid falls, sudden blows or water exposure.
For a proper product care, take off your jewelry before showering, swimming or playing sports. Store them individually in their original box/bag. 

How to clean it

To clean sterling silver you can use warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle brush. For gold plated jewelry, rub gently with a suede cloth. Don't use cleaning products. They will damage the plating.


Do you have more questions?

If you have further questions send us an email