About Cajal


CAJAL is a space where imagination comes to life. Each creation mirrors the artistry of flameworking and the spirit of its maker.

While handcrafting all our pieces in our in-house studio, we aim to support and give visibility to this passionate and ancient craft. Glassblowing is mesmerizing to witness and truly honorable to practice.


We create art; something unique and valuable. That's why we refrain from using molds, ensuring that each piece is individually handcrafted and has hours of meticulous attention.

Moreover, our main material is borosilicate glass which stands out for its hardness, resistance and possibility to be recycled and reused.

In the realm of glass, we’ve discovered a profound resemblance to ourselves as human beings; the boundless ability to transform, alongside the fragility and care we require.

Fire and glass are our life teachers. When working with them, one must follow their rhythms and timing. Neither faster nor slower, but at just the right pace. Trusting the process by being here and now.

Our work is made to order, contributing to our commitment to sustainability and consciousness about our impact. No stock, no waste—just a focus on creating wearable and vanguard artworks.