Cajal is a space for materialization and discovery.

Emotion is turned into ideas which fire burns and consumes as we create.

Each piece conveys the artistry of flameworking and the energy of its maker.

Uniqueness and irreplaceability of artwork with the ease and elegance of a pre-made adornment.

In glass, we discover a profound resemblance to ourselves as human beings; the boundless ability to transform, alongside the fragility and care we require.

All our work is made to order, contributing to our commitment to sustainability and consciousness about our impact. Furthermore, each piece is a work of art in itself, demanding time and dedication in its preparation. We refrain from using molds, ensuring that each item is individually handcrafted, offering the flexibility to personalize a piece if needed. No stock, no waste—just a focus on creating quality and valuable pieces.

Cajal harnesses the artistry of glass to craft vanguard jewelry.




This Collection revolves around the art of flameworking and the creation of something entirely new. Working with fire demands complete presence and grounding. Yet, to shape something unique, you must let your imagination soar, drifting into the sky with thoughts and senses. El Portal symbolizes a space where the earth and sky converge, inviting you to embrace both aspects.


All elements in this collection were found on the other side of EL PORTAL while having fun with fire and glass.


EL SOL (the Sun) - the sun shines self-confidence and success.

EL MAR (the sea) - represents the depths of our thoughts and feelings

EL ASTRO ( a Shooting Star) - its a guide in the path of your being

EL CORAL (the coral) - represents the cycle of life



This Collection is composed by a serie of conceptual pieces handcrafted in glass and made to order. They are created one by one in borosilicate glass, sterling silver and semi precious stones. 


What if instead of arteries and veins, our hearts were to have a variety of colorful threads twisted together in a tangled mass? Each one representing our feelings, fears, wishes, dreams and beliefs.

 Maybe who we are, is not in our DNA, but in our vulnerable and different Messy Hearts.